About Us

The Handyman Masters of Bangkok.

About ServiceGenie 

ServiceGenie is a Bangkok handyman service that handles all manner of small-repair / handyman jobs in and around Bangkok. Our clients are both residential and commercial, and no job is ever too small (and we really mean this.)

Here are a few things that set us apart:

Reliability – We’ve been in business since 2002, and have survived this long because we do what our clients need done, to their complete satisfaction. It’s that simple, really. Our clients call us, we come and do the job, and our clients are thrilled.
Professional Workers – Our workers are true professionals, skilled in the trades. We are not the “cheapest” Handyman service, because we pay our workers a fair wage that reflects their skills. In other words, we send a professional to your door – a professional you can trust.
Trust – Speaking of trust, many of our clients are traveling professionals who need someone to come in and handle jobs when they are not at home. Or our clients own a Bangkok apartment, but live abroad. Either way, they trust us to do the job, and trust us with their belongings and families.
A Myriad of Skills – We can handle just about any handyman job. From fixing a doorknob to wiring a stove to installing a light to… goodness, the list goes on and on.

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About Genie Herself

Yes, here really is a Genie at ServiceGenie.

Genie was in her early 30s when she moved into her new apartment. Just like most people, she moved in as soon as the fitting-out contractor moved out. It didn’t take her long to learn that the closet doors were not working, the working desk drawer could not be pulled out, light switches were missing (the wires ended at the wall behind the closet), and there was electric leakage at the oven.  As the contractor who fitted out the apartment had long gone, Genie needed someone who could fix these problems but had no idea where to look— it would appear that in the business district it was easy to find clothes, but not skilled handyman services.

After days of searching she finally found a carpenter who was fitting out an apartment in the same building and wanted to earn some extra money on the weekend. The carpenter promised to bring along with him an electrician the following Sunday to fix all small jobs at Genie’s apartment.  Genie was very happy as the problems would be soon over and then she would enjoy decorating her new place. On Sunday the guys shown up as promised and finished their jobs in couple of hours.  Genie was told that the drawer was fixed, the closet doors were adjusted, the light switches were in place and connected, but there was nothing they could do with the oven as the kitchen was fitted out without ground wire. It was not an expected outcome, but was pretty much clear that how much the workers could do. Genie gave them one thousand baht for their time.

Genie still needed to do something with the electric leakage, and the trouble closet doors were still somewhat an issue, so she figured it would be easier to fix the problems herself than finding someone else to do it. That afternoon she went to hardware store, bought some wires and tools, came back, wired the ground, and fixed the trouble closet doors. All were done in that afternoon.

After finishing the projects, Genie came to realize how much she enjoyed it (even though she had to crawl into the under-counter cabinet to wire the cable.)  Later on she even added some more projects like the pendent light for her dining table, added some kitchen fixtures, and unblocked the balcony drain pipe herself.

She was quite a handylady, wasn’t she?  Well, that’s where it started.

In addition to her own experience, Genie often heard friends and colleagues saying they were having hard time finding skilled repairmen who were qualified and willing to do such small jobs. Genie figured if she made the professional service available, not only would she get to do something she really enjoys, but she would also get to help others who didn’t have time and energy to do their own repairs.  Thus, ServiceGenie was born.

** Genie is a licensed Civil engineer, a member of the Engineering Institute of Thailand, and an American Welding Society certified inspector. She has extensive experience in high-rise building construction and interior decoration.