What We Do

Here’s a partial list of the handyman services we perform. But it’s far from complete – we can do just about anything you wish (many times, people call us and say “I have this odd request…”, and we do it.) If we can help you with anything, just call 086 889 9600 or contact us here.

Odd jobs service – “Odd job” is just about any job that doesn’t fit into a category. For example, a couch leg broke, and you need it fixed. That’s an odd job. A doorknob, a lock, a window latch, a blind pulley… all odd jobs. If you need an odd job (or three) done, just call us.

Home Painting – Excellent painting requires a trained eye, and a delicate touch. We have both, and can handle anything from touch up work to painting an entire house.

Touch Up and Minor Repairs (furniture refinishing, floors, etc.) – We can touch up cabinets, refinish furniture, varnish floors, etc. to make them look new (including scratches and chips). We can also handle many small repairs to furniture and similar as well.

Electrical (install and repair) – We can handle your electrical problems quickly and safely. From switches to outlets to lights and similar. Don’t let another day go by – if there are any electrical needs you have, call us and we’ll solve them.

Plumbing (install and repair)– We handle anything from repairs to new faucets to replacing parts of your plumbing system. Sinks, faucets, toilets, tubs, showers, leaks, etc. – we handle them all. Plus, we have a one-year warrantee, so you need not worry about it leaking after we leave.

Air conditioning service and air conditioning repair – A clean air-conditioner simply runs better. One of our more popular services is air conditioner cleaning, either one-time or by recurring contract. Our technicians will come out and make sure your air-conditioners are doing what they are supposed to do – keep you cool.

Carpentry – Need a door installed? How about a new window put in somewhere? Or opening up a room by knocking out a non-load-bearing wall? Or maybe turn an unused space into something useful (like a walk-in closet?) We can handle your carpentry needs.

Bathroom –From new fixtures (like tubs, toilets, vanities, sinks, etc.) to tile work, grouting, painting, installing exhaust fans and medicine cabinets, and more. We’ll make your bathroom look great, and function even better.

Kitchen – Sinks, countertops, appliances, dishwashers, stoves, cabinets, and more. From installing new cabinets to fixing a broken lazy Susan to refinishing your old cabinets, we’ll make your kitchen a place you enjoy spending time in.

Home appliances – You need us to hook them up, move them, pick them up from the store and install them, we’re the people to call. Washers, dryers, stoves, water filter, exhaust fan – anything.

Leak repair (both plumbing and roofs) – Leaky faucet? No problem. Bad showerhead? We’re on it. A pipe break, and the floodwaters are rising? We’ll handle it. Leaky roof? Just call. Any kind of leak, from a pipe to a toilet to something bigger, we’ll make sure to fix it, and get things flowing right again.

Moving out – Moving is an incredibly stressful event, and rather hard as well (you never realize how much “stuff” you own until you have to pack it up to move.) Let us handle the heavy work for you – packing, moving, etc. – we’ll get everything in order for you.

Cleaning – Sometimes, people don’t need anything fixed – they just need their home or workplace cleaned really well. And we’ll do exactly that. From home cleaning or making an office gleam, we’re the people to call.

Errand running – We handle all manner of errands for our clients. This is especially useful for people who live elsewhere part of the time (or travel a lot). We can ensure that your residence is in good order, and that you have everything you need already there when you return.

Upholstery/SofaDirty couches? No worries. We have got professional spray extraction machine that can handle it all–whether it be sofa, fabric chair, daybed, mattress, area rug, kilim, tapestry, or carpet. We bring our Karcher spray extraction machines to work at your house. They ensure gentle, deep cleaning of textiled surfaces and deliver impressive results. The machines only leave a tiny amount of residual moisture. This allows textile surfaces to be used again in no time. For best result, we only HG cleaning products with all of our cleaning services.

Curtain/Blind washing and cleaning This is one of popular service. We do hand wash/clean only. No machine dry. So no worries that your curtain will be damaged or shrunk by dryer. Rest assured that your decorative beads on curtains will be safe after cleaning.

Management/Inspection Have a contractor working on a project but need some advice or second opinion either on specific issue or in general. If you are buying a property and need inspection, we can help with this as well. Or if you are thinking of some project but not sure if it will be practical way to do or want to have the unepected issues under control, this also can be arranged. Really anything, just ask.

Again, the above is not comprehensive – we can do just about anything you need done. If you feel we can help you, just call 086 889 9600 or contact us here.