Bathroom Service &Repair

  • Replace old toilet with new water saver model
  • Remove moldy seal in shower stall and replace with new anti fungus silicone
  • Get rid of blacken caulking around bath tub and install new
  • Grout old floor tile so that it looks clean and white

Mixer valve in shower stuck?

It is likely that the valve is obsolete and hence parts are not available. You need need valve. Your tile mason is ready but he cannot get the valve replace. No worries, you have come to the right place.

To replace/install concealed shower mixer valves, dripping shower tap,
we start with set the correct position of each valve and level them before they are fixed rigidly so that they will not moved ater.
This photo showing all hot and cold water pipe connected to the mixer valve, diveter, and shower connector
Picture of the mixer valve after tiles installed.
All set. In the picture are Cotto valves and mixer.

Still have questions? Just send us picture of your valve to the contact below. Our expert Engineer can answer all of your questions. He can even help you choose the mixer valve that will be best suite your needs.

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