Leak Repair

  • Fixing leaky roof
  • Fixing leaky toilet
  • Fixing leaky bathroom
  • Fixing leaky shower install
  • Fixing leaky water pipe

Reasons you may need quick leak repair:

  • Flooring Damage – Notice water stains on the floor or the wooden flooring pop up. You need them checked before the problem becomes worsen.
  • Wall Damage – When you see the wet wall and the wet area seems to get bigger and bigger. It is an indication of some sort of leaks.
  • Mildew Issues – Mildew thrives in moist atmospheres. Pooling water in your walls or floors can promote such growth, jeopardizing your health. Bangkok is rather humid mildew grows quickly in this environment
  • Wasted Water –This is the obvious. The problem needs to be fix as soon as possible call ServiceGenie 080 889 9600