Curtain Deep Cleaning Service

Why should I need curtain deep cleaning service?

Curtains are such a hassle to clean because not only they are so thick and heavy, but they are also hung high up and hard to reach for uninstalling and reinstalling . It is a tedious task to get done. As such there is no surprise that many people just never cleaning their curtains. No more problem, just call us for curtain deep cleaning service, we then will send a team to your place and get the job done at no time. 

What about my sofa/couch and carpet? Sure. We can help with that as well.  Please follow this link to deep clean your sofa/carpet.

How often should I have my curtains deep cleaned?

It’s important to have your curtains deep cleaned/washed on a regular basis even if they don’t look dirty, because by the time dirt appears they can be permanently discolored. 

We recommend to be deep cleaned or dry cleaned curtains/blinds twice a year. Cleaning curtains is not easy. Why one wants to deal with the hassle? Let us help. We can come to your place to pick up the curtains, clean them, and re hang them for you.  The whole process only takes 3-4 days or if needed it may even be done sooner.  A temporary curtains can also be available upon requests.

Call us for curtain deep cleaning service regularly to rid your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens.

In addition to curtain cleaning, we also offer a service of cleaning blinds or window shutters. Just let us know.

How much do I have to pay for curtain deep cleaning service?

Minimum charge will be 3,200 baht for the whole process– we will go to your place and do all the things needed done. You just sit back and relax.

Sheer curtain: charged by piece. 

Curtain or blackout:  charged by piece. 

Venetian/blinds cleaning: charged by piece. 

Okay. How much will it cost?

It is simple to find out. Just shoot a photo of the whole wall and  send together with your location (please be specific, for example Sukhumvit 63) to one of the following:


Line: 086 889 9600 (Line ID: servicegenie), or

WhatsApp: 086 889 9600.

Routine Curtain Cleaning if you want to do the job yourself

We recommend that cleaning of all window curtain/dressings (including swags and pelmets) is undertaken on a six monthly basis.

After the deep cleaning, you should dust curtains and drapes regularly with your vacuum cleaner’s soft-brush attachment or with a soft, long-handled broom with synthetic fibers

If you use a vacuum cleaner, set it for reduced suction so you don’t draw the fabric into the nozzle. You might want to place a stiff piece of plastic screen between the nozzle and the fabric to prevent that from happening, or secure an old nylon