Excellent Work

After making interiors at three condos, Service Genie are the only company I trust to do professional work. Jay is a great person that really puts everything into her work, treating my interiors like her own home. The workers are on time and professional. It’s the extras that I appreciate most; this time they remade my whole bathroom, and after giving me a very low price, they then went far beyond our agreement to give me more than they needed to. I asked how I could find a white faucet to mix with half a black faucet, so they made the black part white for me (I don’t think that’s an easy job but it looks great). After they beautifully finished my tiles, they sent a cleaner for a day to clean my whole room. They even serviced my air conditioner, which is far beyond our original agreement. I’ve worked with many companies in Bangkok and this kind of service is definitely unusual. I want to thank them for doing such great work.